Getting to Geelong

Getting to Deakin Waterfront Campus is easy! Depending on where you are travelling from you can go by train, car or fly to either Tullamarine or Avalon airport.

Deakin Waterfront Camnpus
The Deakin Waterfront campus is located near the centre of Geelong, within walking distance from both Geelong station and Geelong CBD.
(Map of the campus)


It takes a little over an hour by car to get to Geelong from Melbourne. For those travelling by car there is a parking lot located near the campus (see map).


The easiest way to get to Deakin Waterfront campus from Melbourne is to take the V-Line train from Southern Cross Station to Geelong Station. The campus is within walking distance from the train station.


Avalon airport is only 20 minutes from Geelong by car. You can find bargain flights with Jetstar from Sydney or Adelaide. There is an Avalon Airport Shuttle that can take you into Geelong but note that this service needs to be booked in advance.

For those who cannot travel to Avalon airport, Tullamarine is the best option. It takes approximately one hour with the Gull Buss service and this airport has both domestic and international flights.